Indian Industry Is Not Able To Pin Down Exactly—What They Are Looking From The Students?

Lately Rajeev Jain posted his latest observation/comment on date: 2-March-2011 on the following thread at when the Industry say students are not “Industry ready”, what are the parameters?

Rajeev Jain • “Last weekend, I was invited as Guest Speaker in a placement event of a biz school. To my surprise, more than students, I was worried for few Corporate – “Who had no idea what is it that are looking from students:-“

Rajneesh Kumar • “That’s exactly the viciousness of the loop. Frightening..!!! Indeed.”

Next day on date: 3-March-2011, Sanjeev Nagar also echoed the following:

Sanjeev Nagar • “Rajneesh , Rajeev. I’ve also been attending some events highlighting some industry Academia interactions. What i felt exactly as you do. the industry even at time does not know the exact skillsets required for hiring. in such events , as i have been witnessing, the corporate representatives have started avoiding such questions. strange..”

These two observations further prompted me to post my comment:

COMMENT-7:  (on date: 3-March-2011)

Rajneesh Kumar • Dear Sanjeev & Rajeev,

I’m not finding it strange at all (I’ve marked very early in my previous comments), because I always have been on the wrong side of Industry’s understanding of what they want from the employee–it does not matter if a fresh candidate is concerned or an established & experienced professional. They just don’t know where they themselves are heading (and what they would require during the course)–except they are just too boost-full of themselves on 99.99% occasions.

How rotten & deep the phenomenon is? If you just wish to genuinely feel the pinch of the problem, read the following:

“For twenty-five years, you’ve paid for my hands when you could have had my brain as well–for nothing.”

You might be wondering about the statement. Hold, it is not my statement. How can I dare to…???? Or should I dare to…..???? Bomb! Certainly it is.

Because…………because this is the statement mentioned by Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric. This statement was actually told to him by a middle-aged worker from the appliance business of GE. Do you see the problem underlying why does it still continue to happen?

Refer to one of my previous comments; I’ve mentioned that it is the WHO factor, people factor, which is the most important. And WE, the Indian industry, are still sleeping over this great learning. I can’t say all, but most of the most are. We still have to learn the most basic, but the most essential thing, that is –People are everything. Are we worried? No.

Because, we have our own classical orthodox way of master-slave mindset. We are sprinters and running a mindless race. Our industry stalwarts are obsessed with short-term business volumes, winning marketing strategies, creative marketing/sales tactics and so on. WHAT -element is the supreme in their thought-processes. You can see it everywhere. That’s why People-element is no where in considerations. We don’t have Jobs, Careers, Growth, actually, we just have openings or vacancies. Once filled, soon would be rendered vacancies again.

This would be the very first time, I going to make a statement: they are doing very foolish all along the way.

When they haven’t yet learned how to handle the most essential & fruitful paradox of today’s businesses: how to achieve the short-term business gains AND how to ensure long-term victories and sustenance at the same time; how can they be well-versed to understand that it is PEOPLE who are the core competence, not factory, not plant, not portfolio, not businesses, not any magical idea.

Most of the people are surviving on short-term focus only–that in fact is not the FOCUS actually. Because they believe that short-term is about thinking for 2-3 months to 1-2 years; and probably 5-10 years would be Long-term. In fact, planning & preparing for 3-5-10 years would be short-term, and planning for 10-15-25 years should be long-term. They need to learn to build their organizations for longer-run. This is correct perspective and correct orientation for the companies.

Until & unless, they learn to balance this, they cannot define exactly– what type of people with what type of skills and what type of abilities are required. They are just not equipped. Because, they have made themselves paralyzed.

Thank You all.

Rajneesh Kumar
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