A Silver Lining in the Recession

By God’s grace and its firm-footing Indian economy has successfully managed to come out of the recession, and almost every sector of the economy is already showing very good signs of the recovery.  We’ve all the reasons to feel upbeat.

Let me tell you one thing that every business which has been into the recent onslaught of recession, is going to come out looking different.  You guess what?  Their competitive landscape would be much easier now; their competitors had been decimated; many of them would have been disintegrated.  And they are going to be standing, and they are in beautiful position going forward with a much easier competitive landscape.

These are still good companies that we can build our economy upon, because they build.  But again there have been other companies collapsing because they were not having their fundamentals right.

Every good company which makes things…. & build, would manage to flourish.

BUT there is a concern.  It’s been seen that

there had been more CEOs and more companies sink with bright articulate leaders who had a new idea every 5 minutes and they took the employees down to the right, to the left.  THAT happens to be the worst thing for example.

Remember:  You can’t confuse the country or the company in a smaller way.  You have to give them a clear message of what you are doing.  You’ve got to adapt to the times—and just don’t ever forget to work upon the fundamentals of your company.

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