Paradigm Of Personal ‘Ownership’ in Business: An Elusive Dream

15 years back I came across a thought in a world-class management literature which made a great sense to me.  The thought then echoed my own sensibilities to the maximum. Though long periods of time had passed by, but I could never ever get this out of my thought system, my psyche.  Here it was:


And more and more I worked in my professional career, the more this thought became an ‘enigma’ to me.  What resonated so deep in me, had no buyer in corporate.

I witnessed so much of potential, efforts, talent, endeavor going waste day in and day out, that it made me bleed.  I witnessed them being myopic with much of penny-oriented preoccupations.  I witnessed them doing jugglery with every marketing idea of the day, every trick of the trade, boosting of every new fad of management, but without any meaningful or sustainable success, no exception.

This whole act of observation always created ripples inside me, but I had no words to express…………. as I never found them being able to investigate—Why don’t they realize better of what they were set out to achieve?  Can they ever cross the threshold of what they call in fascination ’employee engagement’ or ’employee empowerment’?  Can’t they enter into the realm of where they find ways & means of instilling genuine ‘personal ownership’ among their people?  What does actually hinder them?

I felt that everybody is lost in a ‘maze’ of so called marketing warfare, killer-ideas, online business potential, leadership or management terminologies, certification of all types, and so much………………, but some people in business world had done it before.

Today, I am of the opinion that the whole thought in itself, is an indicator of a complete paradigm.  If a ‘paradigm’ is a set of accepted theories, values, scientific practices, within which a particular field of science operates………..then, how to unlock this paradigm of ‘Personal Ownership’ in business?

I solicit the knowledge, information, wisdom of the fellow professionals who can assist in unlocking this paradigm from their multiple vantage points.  If you think that you have something to contribute, please feel welcomed.  Every reader of this post may be obliged to you.

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Rajneesh Kumar
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