A Small Piece Of Wisdom

‎”An individual’s life is like a ROOM with huge glass windows at all of its walls.  When it is bright & sunny outside, it need not any more light, the room would seem full of light completely.  But when it is quite dark and dense outside, it would seem full of black completely. 

Thus it is always better to rely upon a small lamp lit inside the room, because it would keep the room full of light even when it is dark & dense outside.  Hence the individual has a choice of either relying upon the walls made of glass windows OR a small lamp burning inside the room.”

With thanks,

Rajneesh Kumar
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A Marketing Professional with 16+ years of working experience
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2 Responses to A Small Piece Of Wisdom

  1. arun sharma says:

    absolutely rt

  2. kusuma says:

    Absolutley right . 🙂

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