A Footnote to…….Why India’s Education System is failing?

It was very disheartening to read the front-page news in TOI, “Higher your education, Harder it is getting a Job,”  (Dt:18-July-2012).

First, it is a clear pointer to STRUCTURAL FLAWS of our educations system which is producing robots–qualified but not employable. Who is there to judge the worth of qualifications or skills actually possessed by a promising candidate? Neither is such talent among HR fraternity nor in place are appropriate HR mechanisms. Remember, the mediocrity is enshrined there as well.

After all, the whole structure of education–Primary, Middle, Secondary (10+1/10+2), Graduation, Post-Graduation is leading students NOWHERE. What the hell is the use of such rotten education system? No one is ACCOUNTABLE for the wasting a large part of these 17-18 years of our students……………mind it, these are the most important formative years of their lives.

Since we can’t achieve a complete over-hauling of this structure in near future, I would refrain from making any kind of ‘tactical’ suggestions or recommendations. For, there are more intelligent & knowledgeable educationists, who have a closer experience or exposure to academia.

If I am to contribute I would suggest to over-look the whole structure of existing system………..comply only that much which is enough to serve the class-grades or degree/certificates……………

BUT if we’ve progressive bunch of like-minded able people at our institutions, then we can seek to create ‘A Centre of Excellence’ there (very much similar to ‘Productivity Offices’ in corporates with enough powers to make competent changes) …………….and deliver the parallel education.

Ultimately, the task should be visualized as having a large part of these 17-18 to 20 years of education at our disposal and the PRIME FOCUS should only be at the final outcome (reviewed and re-viewed and contemporary)……………… there is no point in stay cold-footed forever.

I remember one of my teacher during my B.Com times, he was famously known as ‘Swami Ji’ as he was greatly influenced by Osho Rajneesh. He used to complete the syllabus for the year only in one-month time, all the remaining time was used in preaching OSHO’s philosophy.

Using the same analogy, we probably can seek to encourage our teachers to find ways of delivering academic syllabus as quickly as possible………..then they should whole-heartedly utilize the remaining time of academic calendar for providing ‘high-quality’ parallel education and extended knowledge from all the relevant fields.


Second, Teachers must believe in ever-widening networking with people from all walks of life, media, press, business, industry, …………… just about every sphere of society. So as to use their own influence to assist the rightful,  highly promising students REACHING to places of influences again in all walks of life………………and then continuously striving to expand the same network of influence in the way AMWAY operates.

They should not become satisfied from the two-words of respect or appreciation from anybody (particularly from colleagues or students)…………they should be at their persuasive best while asking for a concrete favor, in lieu of the help or guidance they accorded. (I’m not talking about Alumni Meets).


HRITHIK ROSHAN, actor said, “The poison of our world is the fairy tales we tell our children. There is not one that speaks of real life where there is no happy ending.”

Yes! Teachers must make their students understand that–There are no fairy-tales in life!

An individual ‘Teacher’ is the solution, even if nothing else works.

These were my impromptu thoughts I shared with you.

With thanks,

Rajneesh Kumar
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