The Lure of a Strong Idea

The quest of a powerful idea is all prevailing in all fields of knowledge, and so are its perils in all fields of human endeavors.  The inclinations to find a path-breaking idea(s) are so fundamental to human nature that they can over-shadow everything else and everything around.  At the one hand it has led to some of the greatest inventions of all ages.   On the other hand, it has led to so many of disastrous conquests of history that many books can be written on them.  What makes an idea tick? And what doesn’t?

There are few things intrinsic to an idea:

  • An idea is just an idea, nothing more, nothing less.
  • An idea sometimes is a vision, a philosophy or an ideology, but still it’s an idea.
  • An idea has its seeds in the mind of one or many people.
  • An idea has to encounter the reality it is germinated into.
  • An idea has a certain likelihood of fulfilling its promise.
  • An idea has a corresponding degree of relevance or irrelevance at the same time.
  • An idea is not an island in itself.
  • An conceived idea is a jig-saw puzzle in itself.
  • An idea is not bigger than the human factor.
  • An idea is essentially a provocation, and challenges the status-quo.
  • ……………
  • ………

(more characteristics can be added here or subtracted from this list)

Sometimes I ponder upon—

What makes an idea a powerful idea or better say a successful & relevant idea?

Even more than that—

Sometimes I wonder upon why so many people, especially entrepreneurs or business leaders/managers fall in this trap of the lure of a strong idea and essentially fail, yet without learning anything in return?


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1 Response to The Lure of a Strong Idea

  1. gere12 says:

    the lure of idea is the mother of all inventions

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