Reclaiming Islam And The Future of India-Pakistan

It is 17-December-2014 today… a day after apocalypse (Read: Peshawar Massacre).

As a blogger, I’m very used to write.  But today my hands are shivering….my fingers are not in my control. There’s absolute chaos in my mind.  Not sure…Do I really want to write? Something..? But what..?? Yet write I must today.

I wrote the following section of my post (original) on 29-Sept-2014, before the Nobel Peace Prizes were announced.  Little I knew or imagined that we all would become witness to such a gory, cowardly act of mindless, religious fanaticism.  Not even in a dream, I could have dreamt of seeing so many… of innocent smiles fade in the darkness of abject night of the humanity.  It is darkest one, as the world has regressed in absolute senseless existence.

O Brothers of Islam! Please for God’s sake arise and awake.  Please stand up this time…. to give a glorious, blooming country to your countrymen and the generations to come.  Please stand up this time… to come out of slumber of moderacy.  Please stand up this time… to reignite the flame of humanity, your religion has always called forth. Please stand up this time…. to change & challenge the institutions who have inked the backdrop of such human-carnage, year after years, generation after generations.

Mubeen Shah Afridi

Please stand up this time…. to bring the light of smiles on our kids everywhere.  It is your obligation to uphold all children’ faith that their smiles were and are always much STRONGER than guns.  It is your only salvation…. your only vindication.   Kids are the face of the Allah, God or Bhagwan…..  If kids are not, nowhere else God or Allah can exist. Please stand up this time…. to RECLAIM the Islam. 

*******(on 29-Sept-2014)********

“If the moderate and true Muslims let the thugs use Islam and their brutal interpretation of Islam to kill fellow Muslims and others in the name of their Islam, then the rest of the world will walk away from them. Islam is under threat not from other religions but from within. Increasingly, the world seems to feel it is under threat from the violence and brutality in the name of Islam. It is under threat from those who have hijacked Islam and others who have not the courage to defy them. Others cannot succeed if there is no will and courage to reassert from within. To defeat the violent extremism of ISIS and others globally, the moderate Muslim must reclaim Islam.”

At the tactical level, …..I am also of the opinion that senior & knowledgeable, and moderate Indian Muslims (& Pakistani Muslims, of course) with pristine understanding of Islam & Quraan and die-hard attitude, can actually re-establish the fundamental values of Islam. If they choose all the media possible, particularly, social media, facebook, youtube, google, blogs, websites etc, they are capable to resetting the clock and re-booting the ISLAM on the world-map. Moderate Muslims need to stand up and make it count, because they know very well that–


However, that triggered an another thought-line in my mind which has disturbed me for quite sometime at least at the level of deeper contemplation.


2-catsOne more thing, what has been constantly figured in Bharat-Pakistan’s co-existence is that 3-4 generations of both countries WASTED whole of their life-times fighting in their minds for the imaginary injustice done by other side. They never paused for contemplating themselves as 2-Cats fighting for bread (Kashmir) without ever realizing the it was A MONKEY who made them turn fighting cats for…… generations to come without any conscientiousness.

Leaders of both countries deliberately propagated & justified their vary fight for a piece of bread, as the fight for RESPECT, RIGHT, DIGNITY, what more it can fictitiously become. Crores of people lived & died deprived because of  these fictitious values attached to the notion of their nations.

Yet poor thinkers claimed themselves as the BEST INTELLECTUALS of their generation.

What use of the INTELLECTUAL ability, if it could not find out: By very reason of our existence, India-Pakistan should have been the countries best examplified as 2-brothers living & growing in cohesion.

Ah, every leader could think only of what THAT MONKEY wanted them think, do and act, even in the name of their nation, religion, caste & creed. And it is going on for last 67 years…………………………I would not be surprised if it goes on for another 100 years and the lives of 5-6 generations more, are wasted and deprived.

All make perfect sense when it is seen in the light of following lines:

“……………….An ‘average’ drawn upon zeros still is Zero—since no individuality have been/will be permitted. A world with its motor cut off and a single heart, pumped by hand.”

“…………..They don’t ask: Is this true? They ask: Is this what others think is true? Not to judge, but to repeat. Not to do, but to give the impression of doing. Not creation, but show. Not ability, but friendship. Not merit, but pull. “

“…………….When you suspend your faculty of independent judgment, you suspend consciousness. To stop consciousness is to stop life. Masses have no sense of reality. Their reality is not within them, but somewhere in that space which divides one human body from another. Not an entity, but a relation—anchored to nothing. People, committees, conferences. Men without an ego. Opinion without a rational process. Motion without brakes or motor. Power without responsibility. You can’t reason with them. They are not open to reason. You can’t speak to them—they can’t hear. You are tried by an empty bench. A blind mass running amuck, to crush you without sense or purpose. “

In the end, I am left wondering– is this the question of reclaiming a religion, faith OR it is about reclaiming–our faculty of independent judgment.

You better judge yourself!

With thanks,

Rajneesh Kumar


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5 Responses to Reclaiming Islam And The Future of India-Pakistan

  1. nehal says:

    Dear Rajneesh, Rare of rarest blog I come across like this .May all the people of India and Pakistan understand and realize in same way as you have penned down your feeling.
    Grace !

  2. Er asif says:


  3. Cohen Van Der Linde says:

    Greetings Rajneessh,
    Thank you for your post. Although I am a Christian and some on both sides would say we should be enemies, I love knowing about others like yourself who reach out to embrace our common humanity and common Creator.

    God’s blessing to you,


    • Dear Cohen,

      Thanks for your views. You are a Christian and I am a Hindu by birth, but that does not make any difference. Likewise you, I haven’t suspended my own faculty of judgement. Life with peace & basic sense of humanity is more profound & meaningful, than any affiliation with any religion, faith or sect. I do see all these, as some arrangements which were developed for serving some needs which existed in 1000s of years in past. But now all such arrangements have lost their relevance and have lasted longer than the social needs which they were developed to serve to.

      I don’t mind receiving & sharing the Aaronic Blessing with one and all. Here it is:

      With thanks,

      Rajneesh Kumar

      • Cohen Van Der Linde says:

        Thanks Rajneesh,
        I believe a spiritual component in our lives is more important now than ever before. Unfortunately, religion has been used by many as a means of controlling vast numbers of people – religious fundamentalism be it Islamic, “Christian”, Hindu or whatever is an example of this. In this case, religion is merely a tool, just as is nationalism or ideologies that can be used to unite or divide. At its best, a spiritual dimension to life is the Divine spark that lives within us, lifting us above the temporal world of decay in which we live.

        Blessings to you!

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