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Educational Consultants & IT Service Provider in New Delhi

Operations | Sales & Marketing | Franchisee Management | Six Sigma |  Multi-Branches Ops | Expansion

We are Luminis Consulting Services and are based in New Delhi, India.

Rajneesh Kumar

I professionally have 15+ years of experience in dynamic management career while leading companies through market expansion, growth and transition periods.  I have strong qualifications in Operations Management, Multi-branch Operations, Franchisee Management, Channel Development, Sales & Services, Marketing & Media, Support services, General Human Resource affairs.

I have been consistently successful in identifying and capitalizing upon opportunities in the marketplace for revenue generation, expand market penetration, foster business alliances & partnerships, national/regional channel networks.

Known to have good quality ‘Relationship Management Skills’ among all professional contacts.  Essentially thrive handling the higher scale & pace of operations.

Effective team-building, leadership and public speaking skills.  MBA degree & Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.  Highly comfortable with IT and proficient with all types of software applications.

I aspire to continuously improvise upon an ever-evolving skill-base and seek to partner with companies who strive to incorporate the most contemporary approaches to their business, management & work ethics.

Additional Management Skills brought on the floor:

  1. Training & Development
  2. Customer Service & Support 
  3. Business Partnerships & Venture Management
  4. Purchasing & Vendor Negotiations 
  5. Client-Relationships & PR
  6. Key Accounts Management

Six Sigma, Quality & Business Process Re-engineering:

  1. DMAIC Methodology
  2. Stakeholder Analysis
  4. Design of Experiment
  5. Process Management
  6. VOC, VOP, QFD
  7. Hypotheses Testing
  8. Lean Approaches & Tools
  9. Continuous Improvement (CI)
  10. Process Capability & Sigma Levels
  11. Statistical Process Control
  12. Balanced Scorecard, etc.

With thanks,

Luminis Consulting Services Private Limited, IN

Luminis Consulting Services Private Limited, IN

Rajneesh Kumar
General Manager,
Luminis Consulting Services Private Limited,
New Delhi
Mobile: +91 98106-63271
Join my network of Leaders, Managers, Sales Professionals, Educationists, Trainers, CLO, Management Consultants, Six Sigma Professionals, Marketing Professionals, etc at:http://in.linkedin.com/in/rajneeshkumar1

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